2 Big Reasons Why Some Guitar Teachers Aren’t As Effective As Others

Taking guitar lessons with the right teacher is very important for your progress. Taking lessons with a great teacher saves you tons of time and makes you a better guitarist fast. Taking lessons with a not-so-great teacher may actually keep you from becoming better while wasting your time and money.


To make sure you take lessons with the right one, you need to know what makes some guitar teachers ineffective (so you can avoid them and find a better one). Here are 2 things guitar teachers do that make them less effective for getting results for you:


Teaching Private Lessons Only And Not Offering Group Formats


A lot of guitar teachers believe that teaching private one on one lessons is the best way to get results for students and earn a living. Both of these assumptions are wrong, but let’s focus on the former. Although you can certainly get results while taking private lessons with a teacher, learning in group formats helps you become a better player just as well and even better. How? Learning guitar in a group setting teaches you many things that you would never learn by playing guitar on your own. Here are a few of these things:


  • How to improvise with others in real time


  • How to overcome the fear of performing in front of others


  • How to play in tight sync when performing in a group setting


You also become encouraged to get better through friendly competition. Experts agree that this aspect of learning is very critical:


“When you take guitar lessons in a group setting, you feel motivated to get better when you see others doing well around you” says Jacob Melling, internationally acclaimed guitar teacher. He continues, “The pressure you feel to improve when playing in front of others is different than the pressure you feel learning on your own. It is very powerful and motivating. This is one reason why I encourage guitar teachers to teach in group formats.”


Not Teaching With A Goal-Oriented Approach


Too many guitar teachers do not use a goal-oriented approach. This makes teaching guitar a very aimless and ineffective venture. Before you can expect to make a lot of progress on guitar, its important to have goals to strive for. This not only helps you know if you’re making progress, but it gives you something to look forward to and makes the learning progress more fun.


Tom Hess, expert guitar teacher and guitar teacher trainer says the following: “Any decent guitar teacher will immediately ask you for your goals when you come to them to take lessons. If they don’t, chances are, they are not effective teachers. Here is what you need to do: Determine your biggest musical goals for yourself first. Then present them to the guitar teacher you want to work with. If he is a good teacher, he will create a strategy for you to get you to those goals as fast as possible.”


In Conclusion


These two main factors are huge for your progress on guitar. So make sure that any guitar teacher you work with offers group classes in some form and works with you to create a strategy for reaching your musical goals.


With both of these elements in place, you make infinitely faster progress. You’ll be amazed at how much more results you get and how much more fun lessons are!

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