Top 5 Reasons Why Learning Guitar From The Internet Is Bad

With the ease of the internet at our fingertips we have become accustomed to going to Google or YouTube to find any information we may need in life. I do it all the time. This is fine on a very basic level. I can’t say it’s all bad because you are reading this article on the internet. But let’s look at why this is actually very bad for your guitar playing.


Problem #1 - Overwhelm


The internet has so much content that you could easily fall into an endless abyss of searching and scrolling. You will get lost and confused really fast.


Problem #2 - Incorrect Information


A lot of the information out there is just plane wrong. Keep in mind that anyone from anywhere can make up whatever stuff they want and throw it up on the web. There is good information of course, but do you really want to spend the time and never searching for it. You could much more easily spend that time actually improving your guitar skills.


Problem #3 - Learning Things In The Wrong Order


Even if you do find all the perfect information it can never be presented to you in the correct order. This is because you are a specific person who learns a specific way and has specific goals. There is no way you will ever know what order you should learn things in. And there is no way the internet will provide that order for you. You will end up just randomly doing things that sound good. This will lead to a lot of frustration, confusion, and bad techniques.


Problem #4 - Zero Feedback And Direction In Correlation To Your Current Goals And Skill Level


This ties in with the previous problem. The major drawback with learning on the internet is that no one has you or your goals in mind so they do not know how to help you. In addition you are not in front of them so they don’t really care if you get results, just as long as they get a lot of views to their page for themselves. Simply put, you don’t really matter to them.


No one can reach through the computer screen to show you what you are doing wrong. No one can listen to you play and give you any kind of feedback whatsoever. You need guitar lessons that have been designed for YOU by a human who is in the room with you. You need a program that has been proven time and time again to get students the results they want every single day.


Problem #5 - No Accountability


This one is extremely important. Without seeing a real guitar teacher on a very regular basis you will have very little to zero accountability or encouragement. There is nothing that can replace the value that a knowledgeable and experience guitar teacher can bring.


All of the points are very interconnected. They are all critical to your progress on guitar. The internet is amazing in many way, but it isn’t a person and it will often lead you astray. The number 1 solution is to get a guitar teacher who knows you, your goals, and has your best interest in mind.


About The Author: Ryan Duke is a professional musician, guitar teacher, and owner of Seattle Guitar Mentor which gives adult guitar lessons in Seattle, WA.

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