7 benefits of learning how to play the guitar as an adult

We all know that children are like sponges, soaking up all the information and skills we as adults struggle with. However, everybody is capable of playing the guitar, no matter the age. In fact, starting to learn the guitar as an adult has many significant benefits.


1) You already know what type of music you would like to play.

Learning is all about motivation. If we are inspired and motivated by our favourite artists, the learning becomes effortless. As an adult you have most probably liked very different types of music and gone through phases from bubblegum pop to metal until finding the music that really touches your soul. Children start very often by learning about technique and classical music, which for many of them, is off-putting and they lose the interest. Take advantage of being able to decide on the type of music you are most interested in learning!


2) You might understand music theory better  

Let's be honest- music theory is definitely not the easiest thing to understand sometimes. As adults we are more likely to find the connections between music theory and other subjects you have learnt during your school or university years. Lots of adult learners have discovered that music theory is in fact very logical and related to many other subjects, such as maths, a lot more than they used to think.


3) You have more things to express

Music is about self-expression. As we grow older, many of us have experienced a fair share of happiness, fear, sadness, loss, pain as well as pure joy. We all need of a way to express these feelings and a great way to do it is to put them into music.

4) Your parents are not forcing you to practice

If you learnt to play an instrument as a child, you may still remember getting angry at your parents for always forcing you to practice. For many of us, playing an instrument was a task, like any other assignment at the school. However, once you pick up an instrument out of your own will, it makes all the difference. Many of us have very stressful jobs and practicing the guitar after work is a great good way to get your mind off of work.


5) You have more self-discipline

Although that varies from person to person, adults do tend to have more self-discipline when it comes to learning and practicing. Self-discipline is highly connected with inner motivation, which is higher because you know why you want to learn the instrument. Life has also taught you that you can’t get anything without working at it.


6) You can go to late night concerts, open mic nights or jam sessions

Most musical life is your area is likely to happen at night, when kids are already in bed. As an adult, you are free to go wherever you want and whenever you want, so you can attend jam sessions, open mic nights, concerts that will keep you musically active, get you to meet other musicians, practice playing with other people and fuel your motivation. You can also go on a camping trip with friends and jam with them around the campfire (or get them to sing along). These experiences are priceless and make playing the guitar even more meaningful.

7) You can play for your children,  grandchildren or friends

After only a few months of guitar, you can use easy chords to sing songs to your family or get them to sing with you. If you have to take care of your children or grandchildren, a great way to have them entertained is to play a few tunes while they play with their toys. Also, playing them a lullaby before bedtime will help them fall asleep ten times faster!


So here you go - no more excuses! Everyone can start playing the guitar at any age, and you too can get started now!


About the author

Matthieu Delage is the director of the Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid, which is considered as providing some of the best guitar lessons in Madrid. It uses a proven method which has produced significant results for many guitar students.


Matthieu es el director de la Escuela de Guitarra de Madrid, donde se imparten unas de las mejores clases de guitarra en Madrid. Usa un método probado, que ha producido importantes resultados para muchos alumnos.

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