How To Get Rid Of Your Guitar Playing Problem

Do you spend hours practicing the guitar but see little results? Have you been trying to master something on the guitar but just can’t seem to get it down? Have you been playing for a while but haven’t been progressing as quickly as you would like?


I know how you feel, I have dealt with the exact same problems and so has many other guitar players out there. I used to spend hours and hours practicing and seeing very little progress. I didn’t even know that I was doing anything wrong, I just thought I was a slow learner.


Then I finally learned what my problem was… my practice time was extremely inefficient. I would practice one thing for 5 minutes, get bored and more to another thing, get bored and start noodling around and this process would just repeat. I wasn’t actually working on any of the problems I was having, no wonder I wasn’t getting any better! I then found and extremely simple and effective 3 step practicing method that helped me make massive jumps in progress.


If you follow this system you will see your problems almost immediately starting to disappear. That being said this is something that takes practice. Yes, it takes practice to practice correctly. So if your practicing and you see you aren’t following these step fix it right away. Eventually you’ll practice this way and not even know it.


So let’s get to it


Step 1: Identify Your Problems


This first step is the most important, you can’t solve a problem without knowing that there is a problem, right? So what you need to do is play whatever you are working through a couple times and either write it down or take mental notes on everything you need to work on. I highly recommend having a trained teacher helping you, especially if you are first starting out. It can be hard to identify every problem without someone there to help guide you.


Step 2: Isolate Your Problems


This is where you will pick one problem to focus on. What can cause a lot of inefficiency in your practice time is focusing on to many problems at once. If you focus on one at a time your problems will melt away. That being said you don’t need to completely fix one problem to move to another. Depending on what your working on just work on one problem for 5 minutes at a time. After 5 minutes if it is still an issue just circle around back to it.


Step 3: Attack


This phase is simple, fix the problem. Isolate it and make sure you are only working on this one thing. That being said you don’t need to completely fix one problem to move to another. Depending on what your working on, just work on one problem for x amount of time time. After, if it is still an issue just circle around back to it. Again, I recommend having a teacher help you with this part. There are certain techniques and exercises that can resolve your problems extremely quickly.


So there you have it. This process has proven to be extremely effective more my self and also for my students. Just follow these steps you will make massive steps in your guitar playing!


About The Author: Dylan Andrews is a professional guitarist, teacher and entrepreneur living in Lawrenceville Georgia. Dylan has been teaching guitar for over 5 years and has helped over 100 people learn the guitar. If your looking for guitar lessons in Lawrenceville Dylan is the person you want to see.

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