How to improve your guitar playing quickly

Let’s look at some of the things you can do today and in the short term that will help you to improve your guitar playing both in the short term and the long term. 


Set some improve guitar playing goals 
Whenever you are lacking in motivation and direction, set some goals towards how you want your guitar playing to do like. What is it that you actually want to be able to achieve on the guitar? What do you actually want to do with the guitar? Do you want to jam and improvise? Do you want to perform? Think of what excites you most about the guitar and write down these goals. Make sure these goals drive and motivate you to want to improve your guitar playing. 


Get the right information to help you get to your goals
Getting to your goal will require you to have the right information to apply to your guitar playing to improve it. You may be able to get this information yourself in which case, that’s great. Most of the time, people struggle to do this by themselves and need a guitar teacher or mentor to help them get the right information. With this information, you need a plan to then apply this information to your guitar practise and playing and start working towards your goal. 


Having believe and faith in your plan 
When you use your plan, or someone else’s plan that they have provided for you. You need to have full believe and faith that it’s going to work. In doing you, you can put your best effort into using it. We see a lot of people don’t use the plan, or go off and do something else other than what the plan says, and then wonder why their playing isn’t improving. If the plan is right for you, stick to it to the letter and put your best effort into playing and practising and you will get improve your guitar playing. 


Review the plan periodically 
Once you have put your best effort into this plan, you may find some parts of it work better than others, and maybe some parts aren’t working at all. So then it’s good to review the plan and refresh it. You may need help doing this with someone else. And keep going each time with the new plan, putting in your best effort into playing the guitar, practising. Putting in the hard work and effort and you will see continue improvements. And when you find out what really works, you can focus on those things to get additional accelerated progress. 


Finding yourself the right guitar teacher to help you 
As I spoke about earlier, you may be able to achieve your goals on your own, which is great if you can. But in the majority of cases, people need help to reach their goals. And there are a lot of other benefits to having someone to help you such as helping you time and stress along the way. Having someone who can help you with your specific plan and your guitar playing means that they can prepare and plan for any challenges and obstacles you may have in the future and help you navigate them. They can also plan your guitar playing and practising journey for you to save yourself time and figuring out what works and what doesn’t. Because of their experience, they will know how the whole building blocks fit together to help you achieve the goals you want to. 


Practising properly on your own 
Even if you are learning with the best guitar teacher, the best books, the best exercises in your hand with the best plan. Learning to practise is essential to getting you a tonne of progress. It will speed up the whole process of achieving your goal so much quicker and make the whole journey go by so much faster. With faster progress, you will feel better and more confident about yourself, your ability to learn, and you will find it all more enjoyable. That’s ultimately the most important thing, you achieving your goals in the most enjoyable way possible. 


So set some goals, get a plan, keep at it, even when it’s tough, get help so you can make faster progress. 


Are you struggling to make big improvements to your guitar playing? Are you struggling to get a plan together that really works for you? Are you confused as to what to do next to really help your guitar playing or are you struggling to have confidence in what you’ve laid out for yourself? 


If you want to see your guitar playing transform and have someone to guide you and help you make faster progress, in less time. Have someone who knows how to specifically get you to your goal. 


At Guitar Tuition East London where we offer guitar lessons for beginners in London. We focus on the students and what they want to achieve on the guitar. It’s kept fun for the students, learning and training with a guitar teacher who is focused on teaching guitar. 

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