Why Learning Guitar With A Teacher Helps You Improve Fast

Learning guitar with a great teacher is a shortcut to becoming an excellent player. Read this article to learn the main ways a teacher helps you get better.


How Learning Guitar With A Teacher Quickly Improves Your Skills

Taking guitar lessons with a good guitar teacher is the best way to skyrocket your skills and achieve your musical goals. Too many guitarists waste tons of time trying to learn everything on their own. This ends in frustration because they inevitably become stuck, unsure of what to practice or unsure of how to practice more effectively. When you learn guitar with an experienced teacher, you bypass these pitfalls and fulfill your potential as a guitarist. Here’s why:


You Reach Your Guitar Playing Goals In Less Time

When you learn guitar on your own, it is very difficult to know exactly what you need to practice and how to practice it correctly in order to reach your musical goals. Self-taught guitar players commonly fall into the trap of accumulating tons of exercises, videos and tablature because they have no clear direction with their practice. This becomes very overwhelming and causes feelings of overwhelm that make practice more frustrating than fun. This all comes from not knowing what you should be working on to reach your goals.

Taking lessons with a good guitar teacher solves this problem because they have the experience and expertise to help you. The best guitar teachers evaluate your musical goals before you start lessons, then design a lesson plan to help you reach them as quickly as possible.


You Quickly Correct Bad Habits And Develop Good Ones

Another pitfall of self-taught learning is you often develop poor playing habits. This usually occurs as a result of trying to cover up mistakes or find shortcuts in your playing when something becomes difficult. Unfortunately, bad playing habits often cause a lot of frustration as you advance on guitar because they hold you back from reaching new levels. This is commonly referred to as reaching a plateau.

When you take lessons with a teacher, they immediately spot your mistakes and start correcting the fundamental causes of them. This helps fix your playing where everything breaks down so you can start playing guitar how you want without limitations. You also learn how to play more effectively and develop better playing habits that help you make faster progress and become a better overall player (in ways you never knew were possible).


You Learn How To Combine Your Skills Together

Learning how to use guitar skills in isolation will only get you so far. The best guitar teachers show you how to practice guitar by integrating new ideas together with ones you have already mastered. The result is better overall musicianship and great knowledge of how to play guitar in a musical, expressive manner.


After reading this article you should be feeling more and more excited about taking guitar lessons. Find a great teacher today and start enjoying the process of becoming the guitar player you always wanted to be!

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