Getting Started With Playing The Blues

Imagine you’re hanging out with your friends and one of them says “You’re learning the guitar, let’s play some guitar together”.


What typically happens?

Sometimes you might both know the same song you can play together (this is usually rare), but more commonly, it’s easy to freeze up, forget everything you’ve been learning, or just shy away from the idea altogether.

This is very common and happens to many people. Just the thought of playing guitar with other someone else can discourage most people and for good reason, it used to discourage me and I’ve seen it happen to so many other students and guitar players too.


The great news!

The great news is that: When it comes to playing with other people, you don’t need to learn a full song to start playing guitar with people, you just need 3 chords.


How does learning how to play blues help you?

The blues is a great place to start and, once you learn the basic order of the chords, most guitar players know how to play it too so there’s no need to worry about learning lots of songs or scales, or lots of theory.


Which chords do you need? 

The basic chords you will need are; A Major, D Major, E Major (Note: if you don’t know some of these it’s okay, you can learn them in your lessons).


The way we structure them is important too, the order in which you play them goes as follows:


| A | A | A | A | D | D | A | A | E | D | A | E |


This is called “12 barre blues in A Major”


Each chord you see is played for 1 bar, meaning you strum each chord 4 times at a steady pace with no pauses in between the changes (E.g. the 1st line - | A | A | A | A | -means you end up playing the A major chord for 4 barres).


Blues generally have 4 beats in each bar.


Depending on where your level of playing is it, strum downwards 4 times for each beat. Or if you feel comfortable with coming up with strumming patterns, you can vary the strumming pattern.


If you just learn the order of these chords and practice changing between them.

Have a lot of fun with this. This is a really easy way to get started with both demonstrating your guitar playing skills on the spot, and also be able to play with other people as well.


Even as a complete beginner, you can learn these chords quickly and have someone more advanced than you play and solo alongside you.


About Author: 

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