The Best Blues Double Stop To Spice Up Your Blues Improvisations

Expression is the key element of what the blues is all about but not having enough approaches on how to spice up the notes you are playing can lead very fast to boring sounding blues solos. Nobody wants to sounds like they are just rambling notes one after the other without a real purpose.


As the whole topic on expression in blues guitar is really big, we’re going to zoom in on one very specific element to thicken up your blues sound: the double stop.


What Is The Best Blues Double Stop To Use?

One of the double stops that is frequently used in blues guitar, is the one located in the minor pentatonic scales such as you can see on the image below:

The reason why this double stop is so strong lays within the fact that we are playing the root note located on the high e string and the fifth located on the B string. The combination of those two notes are a perfect recipe for a powerful sound that really thickens up your blues solos.


The best method to integrate this bluesy sounding double stop is to improvise with it over a 12 bar blues in A. Focus on making as many variations as you can around this double stop to really get it into your system.

How To Make A Double Stop Sound More Bluesy

Even though this double stop is already really appealing, we can take it another step further by combining the double stop with a slide. The method is fairly easy: just slide in from a semitone below and you will hear a major improvement as it sounds much more bluesy.


On the diagram below you can see the movement of this double stop:

As I stated it before, the blues is all about expressing yourself and your feelings. What is on the other hand of major importance is the fact that you need the right tools to express what you feel properly. I wrote a free guide that deals with ‘how to play guitar with intense feelings’ and is completely free to download on my website. 


About The Author: Antony Reynaert is a Belgian based blues guitarist and musician. In his local schools and on his website, Best Blues Guitar Lessons, he teaches his expertise on guitar playing. This way even beginners can follow the route to advanced blues playing.

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