3 Signs That Indicate Your Child May Be Ready For Guitar Lessons

At what age can a child start to learn to play guitar and does it matter? The answer to the first question is: It depends. Every child is different. There is no magical age when a child is ready to learn to play guitar. The answer to the second part of question is that not every child is at the same stage of physical, mental and emotional development at the same age. That's why it matters and why you can’t go by age alone.

Here are 3 signs that your child may be ready to learn to play guitar and take lessons.

1. They Have Been Asking You For Lessons

This may be an obvious one but if your child has been asking you for lessons for a long period of time, consistently, then their interest level is very high.

Many parents make the mistake of putting their children into guitar because they think it is a good activity for them. For some children that may work but for most it usually does not work out well.

That's because learning how to play guitar can be challenging and if the child is not self-motivated they will not want to continue for very long because they will not put in the work needed to progress and enjoy the process.

When your child is interested in learning and they are constantly bugging you to start lessons, you have one of the key ingredients for success!!

2. They Already Play A Guitar Without Being Asked

This is an even better sign that your child may be ready to learn how to play guitar.

If you see them pick up a guitar on their own, on a frequent basis, without being told or asked and without really knowing what they are doing, it says a lot about their love for the instrument already.

It also says a lot about their motivation and desire to play and learn. They obviously enjoy guitar and love to play it. It’s fun for them!

This is excellent fuel to help them learn how to play properly. They will be more likely to want to follow the instructions of a teacher and then practice it at home and learn how to properly play guitar.

Just because your child does not do this does not mean they are not yet ready. They can certainly develop this love for the instrument as they learn to play.

3. They Can Stay Focused On A Task

Learning how to play guitar requires the ability to stay focused on certain tasks for periods of time. If your child is not able to do this then they are probably not ready for guitar lessons.

They do not have to be able to stay focused for extremely long periods. If they can stay on task for 5 or 10 minutes at a time that is plenty for an experienced and trained teacher to be able to help them learn.

Do not be discouraged if your child may not seem to be able to do this right now. Sometimes children can surprise you once they find something they enjoy doing.

The best way to know if they can stay focused long enough to learn to play guitar is to have them assessed by a professionally trained guitar teacher.

They will know if your child is able to start and will have strategies that will help them learn at the level of attention they can give, assuming it is at least a minimal amount.

I Think My Child Is Ready, Now What?

Great! The best thing you can now do for your child is to find them a professionally trained and qualified guitar teacher.

They will do a proper assessment on your child to make sure they are ready for guitar lessons first and foremost. Then they will recommend the best program for you and your family.

A professionally trained guitar teacher will know how to teach your child and create a program that is designed just for them. This is critical.

The vast majority of kids who start to learn to play guitar quit within 6 months of starting. If it is not approached properly it can be overwhelming for them so you do not want to send them to just any guitar teacher.

Make sure the teacher you choose is trained and make sure they have proof that they have already successfully trained other children how to play guitar and have fun!


About The Author: Maurice Richard is a professional guitar teacher that operates out of the city of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He has been a member of an elite guitar teaching mentorship program since 2007 and has taught many people how to learn to play guitar and has taught children as young as 5 years old.